The name Lavender is believed to be derived from the Latin word “lavare,” meaning “to wash,” as it was often used in baths and laundry for its fragrant properties. With a calming, physically and emotionally balancing fragrance, it has commonly been used for its relaxing effects on the body.

Lavandula angustifolia, better known as Lavender, is a perennial evergreen plant that has produced the most used essential oil in the world for over 2500 years.
According to ancient texts, its purposes range from medicinal to religious, having been used to clean cuts and to soothe bruises and skin irritations, as well as to scent the air for spiritual practices. Other historical uses for this oil included mummification and perfumery for the Egyptians, while for the Romans it was used in baths and in cooking.
Thriving in oceanic climates with dry, rocky, sandy terrain, Lavender can be found in the Mediterranean region, Europe, Africa, the Canary Islands, the Middle East, and India.
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The Cultivation And Harvesting Of Lavender Essential Oil


Harvesting Lavender conditions contribute to the quality of the distilled essential oil.

This means the season, climate, moisture levels, and even the amount of cloud coverage affects the quality of the finished product, as not all plants are hardy in all environments.

Soil quality is a major factor in the quality as well; a high amount of nitrogen in the soil, for instance, can promote disease in Lavender plants, causing them to appear sickly and leading to a decrease in flower growth.
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How to Use Essential Oils for Anxiety

essential oils for anxiety

For many centuries, people have used essential oils for anxiety to help relieve stress and calm them down. The oils have aromatic molecules that pass through the brain barrier and affect the areas that control feelings, anxiety, stress, depression, and panic.

Essential oils are natural oils extracted from plants and used to manage anxiety. They have been found to have a tumultuous effect on the brain, heart rate, and many other body organs. Читать далее »

Essential oils for eczema relief

Essential Oils for Diabetes

The most common skin disease that affects over 30 million Americans is Eczema. It might seem pretty common but eczema is very uncomfortable, and at times it can be unbearable which can have an impact on your everyday life. There are conventional medicines that can help you in treating eczema, but since some time more and more people have turned towards Essential oils for eczema because of their stress-reducing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Essential oils aren’t just natural remedies. They can help to promote the healing process along with that it brings a lasting change that can rid you of eczema for good. Читать далее »

How to treat sinus by the use of essential oils

Essential oils for sinus infection

Sinus infection is a condition that neither you nor I would wish to experience, it is a nuisance. No one wants to have a runny nose with a congested feeling all the time. A sinus infection can leave you restless; it is an unpleasant feeling that keeps you on your toes in search for decongestants. It is, therefore, a relief to the few people who are unlucky to have the infection that they can now use essential oils for sinus infection from the comfort of their homes.  Читать далее »

Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids: Your Ultimate Home Remedy

Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids

There are different natural remedies for treating hemorrhoids; some dealing with the cause itself with others helping in managing the symptoms but essential oils for hemorrhoids have proven to provide a long-term solution. Hemorrhoids are veins found naturally in the anal canal and rectum, and they play a crucial role in controlling stool.

Sometimes the veins get inflamed and this cause pain and bleeding either internally or externally. Essential oils are great for hemorrhoids since they improve the blood supply to the anal canal and they also stop the bleeding and seal the tear. Читать далее »

Top Tips on Using Essential Oils for Baths 

Essential Oils for Baths 

Essential oils can be used to help calm the body down and reduce anxiety when one becomes overwhelmed. The oils can make you feel better and stress-free. Essential oils for baths can be used alongside other medicines to make you relax.

The trouble is that few of us know how to use essential oils in baths. This post looks at how to use the oils in the bath to guarantee the best results.  Читать далее »

Essential Oils for Headaches and Migraines

Essential Oils for Headaches

We all want to get a long-term option for migraines and headaches. Research has shown that a good percentage of people today would rather use oils for migraines than ingest an off the counter pill to relieve the pain.

There are some essential oils for headaches and migraines out there that have proven to be the best natural remedy for pain relief. Читать далее »

Choosing the Best of Essential Oils for Diabetes

Essential Oils for Diabetes

Essential oils for diabetes only come as compliments. Not a single country or a group of people in the world is exempted from cases of this ailment. Hence, one cannot expect to be relieved from this ailment just by using essential oils alone. Nonetheless, it is still wise to know the types of oil that are good or bad for the health.

While there may already be innumerable advances in its research, scientists have not yet found its exact cure. So, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle should still be at the top of one’s list if he/she has this kind of lifestyle ailment. Читать далее »

Use of Essential Oils for Arthritis with No Side Effect

Essential Oils for Arthritis

It has proven that medical treatment for arthritis is limited to give relief on a temporary basis. There are no permanent medicines introduced to treat the arthritis pain from its roots.

However, the use of anti-inflammatory analgesics such as aspirin is often used to overcome the instant pain and swelling. As compared to medical treatments, use of Essential Oils for Arthritis delivers the long-lasting effects. Regardless the age and gender, people are suffering from arthritis.

Initially, it brings pain in joints, elbows, ankles, wrists, feet, and hands, apart from these, the unexpected injuries and infections make arthritis a stronger health issue. The practice of using medical herbs not only helps in the treatment but also work to balance the physiological response.

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