Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids: Your Ultimate Home Remedy

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Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids

There are different natural remedies for treating hemorrhoids; some dealing with the cause itself with others helping in managing the symptoms but essential oils for hemorrhoids have proven to provide a long-term solution. Hemorrhoids are veins found naturally in the anal canal and rectum, and they play a crucial role in controlling stool.

Sometimes the veins get inflamed and this cause pain and bleeding either internally or externally. Essential oils are great for hemorrhoids since they improve the blood supply to the anal canal and they also stop the bleeding and seal the tear.

Best Essential Oil For Hemorrhoids

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is excellent for hemorrhoids since it helps in reducing discomfort and inflammation associated with it. Also, it stimulates healing of fissures or tears in the blood vessels and prevents any infection. Ensure that you properly blend the oil with other essential oils such as jojoba or another carrier before applying to the area around your anus for fast relief.

Primrose Oil

Although most people don’t use primrose oil for natural health purposes, it can help to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Also, regular use of the oil eliminates the urge to itch hemorrhoid which can sometimes be severe. For effective relief, it’s recommended that you apply four to five drops to the rim of your rectum or external hemorrhoids to ease the inflammation.

Essential Oils And Hemorrhoids

If essential oils are used properly, they can work incredibly well for hemorrhoids. One of the things that make it an excellent product for this condition is because it helps improve blood circulation. There is a lot of waste material, and blood associated with hemorrhoids and getting the blood flowing is essential. People who have hemorrhoids tend to have more constrictions and swelling, and this means that they have less circulation of blood. What most people don’t know is that essential oils for hemorrhoids are complex medicine given that they provide nutrients and vitamins, beneficial hormones as well as antibiotic effects.

Use Essential Oil For Hemorrhoids Treatment

It’s important to understand that when using essential oils for hemorrhoids treatment you need to keep your surrounding area dry and clean. Once you are done with the treatment, you shouldn’t try to disintegrate or “burn off” the skin surrounding the hemorrhoids since you are likely to contact an infection or increase your pain.

Essential oils are meant to be used as a topical remedy for external hemorrhoids, and you shouldn’t try to use it internally unless it’s a suppository administered by a certified medical expert. Also, while some oils are low-risk and relatively mild treatments they still carry some level of toxicity. Additionally, they aren’t monitored by the food and drug administration, so it’s vital that you choose your brands and products wisely.

Although essential oils have proven to be an effective method of treating hemorrhoids more studies, need to be conducted to establish their effectiveness compared to the other traditional hemorrhoid treatments. Bottom line, essential oils are low-risk home treatment methods with plenty of options you can try.


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