About Us

“Pranna” is the Life-Force-Energy of our Universe!

It is found in every living thing in existence! It is the Living, Breathing, Life-Blood of all plants and animals; it is stored in crystals, minerals, and precious stones. It radiates from the sun to encompass the solar system, and is prevalent in the planetary bodies, which float like satellites encircling life’s source.

We receive Pranna Energy when we walk barefoot upon the soil; we are immersed in it when we stand in bodies of water; tall stately trees radiate Pranna to any who come to close proximity; and we engulf Pranna directly into our bodies by the mere act of breathing pure energized air.

About Us
We are alive, only because of PRANNA; without it we decay into the state of lifelessness.

Pranna Energy is comprised of three major components, each as vital as the next:

1. Thought; Mind; Conscientious Awareness! It is the bio-electric grid of our brain that generates the energy for our brain cells to function in the thought process, allowing for the “Will” of our persona to create “Purpose and Intent”. The more powerful the vibration and higher the frequency, our brain power works at optimum proficiency, allowing for clearer thinking, sounder reasoning, and unbound levels of comprehension and understanding to radiate within us…

2. Our Biological Physiology is Alive! It is the bio-electric grid that brings living function to our body. It stimulates the heart to beat and pump blood; it allows the nerves to feel and react to stimuli; it gives us the ability to sense our own body, its existence, and the environment around us. Our cells glow with the energy and life; our organs operate at their fullest potential bringing balance, harmony, health, and wellbeing…

3. Pranna Energy Is Spirit! It is the Holy Spirit of the Universe, and the God of Creation and Life. It takes us upon the journey of knowledge through the stimulation of the Harmonic Glands of our Body: The Pineal, the Pituitary, and the Thymus, allowing for the opening of the “Third Eye”. This is the place where we “See God”, and become Living Receptacles of God’s Holy Grace. We travel to those places were all divine knowledge is stored, and we read from the very books of life…

Healthy “Pranna” is important to the wellbeing and health of our bodies! We are surrounded by Living Pranna, and Yet! Mankind suffers from innumerable maladies of physical, mental, psychological, and social disease.

Why! Because we are equally surrounded by the technological toxins and poisons of our modern world, which enshroud us, blocking the health and vitality of our living universe. These contaminants are found in our food and water sources, in fact, the very clothes that we wear, the homes that we live, and the technologies that we use on a daily basis are detrimental to our overall health and wellbeing.

It is imperative that we lessen the impact of these impurities upon and within our bodies; to bring some measure of balance to our biological physiology.

Pranna Essential Oils allow us to rejuvenate; to refresh, and inspire our bodies back to optimum health and vitality, by providing highly concentrated Life-Force-Energy of our Mother Earth; the “Pranna” of Life to cleanse and revitalize our weakened auric field.

Essential Oils are produced from all parts of the world! The truth is that many suppliers provide to the same resources as our competitors.

But the founders of “Pranna Essentials Oils” know that there is a difference in the very molecular structure of the plant oil caused by the very Spiritual Intent of our “Pranna Oils Family”; Healing begins with “Conscientious Awareness” that exists within the heart and soul of our team.

Each bottle of Pure Essential Oil is handled carefully like a Sacred Oil provided to us by the very Gods of Life; it is the Gift of Healing meant to be shared with the brotherhood of man, and is sent to you for the Divine Purpose of Creating Harmonic Balance in your Life; providing Perfect Health in your Body; a pure mind and clear heart.

We Bless you with Abundance, Prosperity, Health, and Long Life…
Alexander and Lyubov