Pranna Energy


Pranna is a Sanskrit word that has a number of interpretations in English, including “life force energy” and “vital principle.” It is a term used in eastern philosophy to refer to all the manifest energy in the universe, present in all living beings, plants, and inanimate objects.

It is extremely vital to one’s health and state of harmonic balance to gather a clear understanding of “Pranna Energy” that flows through them in order to be able to extend and improve their own personal energy levels and thereby advancing one’s overall health and wellness.

In the energy body, pranna is said to flow through energy channels known as nadis. A strong Pranna, is evident through one’s brilliant and acutely colored Aura that radiates about the body.

Pranna comes from the Sanskrit word, “an”, meaning “movement,” and “pra”, meaning “constant,” pranna means “constant motion,” and refers to the idea that vital or life force energy is always dynamic.

Pranna is often understood as vital to the physical body establishing both health and wellness through the chakra system. It is thought that when someone is well and balanced, pranna flows freely through the seven major chakras. However, when there are blockages or imbalances, they may manifest as physical or emotional issues culminating as “dis”-ease, and illness.

In the human body, pranna is said to flow through energy channels called nadis. There are said to be thousands of nadis, but the three main ones are:
Ida – Located to the left of the spine. This is the introverted, lunar channel.
Pingala – Located to the right of the spine. This is the extroverted, solar channel.
Sushumna – Located along the center of the spine. This is the central channel, which the energy of kundalini awakening flows through.

Pranna Energy flows in and out of the body through the process of breathing. The use of Essential Oils through the practice of aroma-breath-therapy enhances the Life Force of our Universe entering into the physiology of the human body, greatly stimulating the energy-grid system of our Chakra, aiding in bringing our biological chemistry into harmonic balance.

PRRANA ESSENTIAL OILS believes that an individual’s health is the most precious and valued commodity any person can have in their possession. It truly represents a coalition of all God’s Blessings expressed through health, wealth, abundance, and prosperity; a wondrous life full of beauty, tranquility, and happiness…

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