Re-Energizing Your Auric Field

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Each and everyday millions of individuals perform the rituals associated with good body grooming and aesthetics; we take showers, brush our teeth, comb our hair, apply body and skin creams; cosmetics and perfumes. We look through our wardrobes to find the perfect image we want to present ourselves to the world with. We spend a tremendous amount of time and effort to present ourselves in a way that is appealing both to ourselves as well as to those whose lives are intertwined with ours.

We feel good when we look good…

Society as a whole pays a remarkable amount of attention to our physical appearance; but if truth would be told, very little effort is allotted to the health and wellbeing of their energy body. The effects of our surrounding environment can play havoc upon our personal energy grid system; it needs to be re-energized and refreshed in order for our bodies to function at their optimum peak levels.

There are several modalities that are simple in practice, and yet, produce an abundance of results beneficial to our auric field.

Conscientious Thought and Awareness stimulated either through meditation, prayer, or the recital of positive uplifting Mantras creates a surge of energy that causes the energy stream to flow powerfully into the furthest reaches of our energy grid system. Concentrating on specific parts of our bodies, including our organs, and chakra centers sends vibrant energy into those regions, releasing certain blockages and encouraging blood flow, which in turn help to bring healing to those areas.

Physical Exercise is extremely important to the wellbeing of our bodies; stretch exercises, and even yoga help unclog blockages that may inhibit the natural free-flow of energy along our meridian centers, especially those at the spinal core.

Taking long walks in the park full of flowers and shrubs, or in other forested natural settings allows our energy grid systems to connect with living plants and trees that naturally produce powerful vortices’ of Universal Pranna Energy. Our bodies interconnect with living plants who typically produce many colloidal vitamins and minerals that we consume as food, but equally so, just the mere act of physical contact with those plants can cause an energy surge to enter into our biological infrastructure.

This naturally produces a rejuvenating and uplifting effect on our bodies…

Of course! Many of us cannot go into the forest or park on a daily basis, the vast majority live in cities surrounded by artificial manmade materials, plastics, concrete, and other technological toxins that strongly undermine the Pranna Energy of our Bodies, causing weakness, instability, and even sickness.

It is more important than ever in our modern era of living that we take extra measures to ensure that our auric field is revitalized constantly to ensure a strong physiology, able to withstand the ravages of modern dis-ease…

PRANNA ESSENTIAL OILS understands the value of Mother Natures’ Gift to Mankind, offered through their exclusive line of pure natural therapeutic essential oils, carrier oils, and blends, that are designed specifically to bring vibrant Pranna Energy back into our bodies, own energy grid systems.

The most powerful method of self-healing begins when you institute into your daily health system, the practice of aromatherapy; the inhaling of diffused molecules containing the health activating constituents of living plants. These are absorbed by your lungs directly into the blood stream, which sends pulsating vibrant energy into every cell of your body.

Equally powerful is the application of essential oils through massage therapy. It must be noted that essential oils are extremely concentrated, so it is necessary to dilute them with natural vegetable based carrier oils that help bring nutrition and other health properties to the skin. Essential oils have a simple molecular structure, which makes them easily absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the epidermis.

We encourage each of you to take the time needed to become familiar with the biological, and physiological elements of your body. Do not wait until compromising influences take their toll on your health and wellbeing.

Remember! Western Medicine works primarily for those individuals who are already sick with debilitating disease, but offers little for those who want to avoid illness in the first place.

Eastern Medicine has been actively involved with the prevention business for thousands of years, and Essential Oils have been used extensively for bringing harmonic balance and health to everyone who truly loves their body…

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