Pranna Is All Around Us

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We are surrounded by Pranna; it is all around us!
Regardless of our awareness of it, or our ability to utilize it, pranna energy is a major component of our existence on our planet, and a key factor in regulating the health that we all so desire.
There are many techniques that we can use to improve our overall health: consuming the right diet, incorporating proper physical training, practicing deep breath exercises, avoiding toxic elements in our environment, and maintaining good healthy relationships with people we love and enjoy all play a positive effect on our wellbeing.

Reminding ourselves about certain health practices would not only make us more open to the potent pranna energy momentarily, but will work to improve the quality of our life considerably.
It is crucial to keep our physical body as well as our etheric body cleansed of negative energies, and to maintain a correct balance of positive energy.
Awareness is the Key to a more Empowered Existence!
Breathing consciously for at least five to ten minutes each day is a great way to enhance your concentration, and to become internally aware of your body, mind, and soul. Deep breaths draw vital living pranna directly into your blood stream, which send this energy to every cell in your body bringing cleansing, healing, and revitalization, providing optimum results in detoxifying our inner biological systems.

Thusly was born the ancient practice of Aroma-Therapy, the art of exponentially increasing the vital elements of pranna energy for our bodies. By defusing the Life-Force-Energy of plants directly into the air we breathe, Pranna Energy is enhanced, bringing essential nutrients and constituents directly into the inner Chakra Centers of our Bodies.
The Cleansing, Detoxifying, and Re-Charging of our Etheric Body Begins to function at full optimum force, enhancing not only the time it takes to become fully balanced, it aids in keeping our physical body disease free and eliminate our bodies proneness to viral and bacterial infections, such as colds and flu’s…
Enhancing your bath water with sea salts also serves as a great cleansing system that purifies your etheric body. By utilizing effective aura cleansing practices, you can make yourself more sensitive and open to Pranna Energy.

Remember! The simple act of taking a bath works wonders in keeping your outer body clean front natural external soiling, but does little for the cleansing of your internal biological system!
To Experience The Double Pleasure of Pranic Healing!
Add six to eight drops of your favorite Pranna Essential Oil directly to your bath and allow yourself to relax immersed in the warmth and comfort of your own private spa getaway. Surround yourself with the wonderful aroma’s provided by natures’ gift to mankind; the pure essence of living plants and flowers.
Adding Pranna Essential Oil directly to your warm bath water allows for the easy absorption of the health benefits of the oil to permeate your body, inside and out.
You will transform one of life’s simple indulgences; the act of taking a relaxing and cleansing bath; into a super enhanced rejuvenating, recharging, revitalizing, health enhancing practice designed to uplift our bodies inner and outer auric field, bringing harmonic balance to your mind, body, and soul…
Simply Relax and Enjoy!
Become more Healthy, more Beautiful, and of course, Wise…

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