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Benefits Of Essential Oils For Hair


Benefits Of Herbal Oils For Hair
Learn the Secrets of Maintaining A Perfect Harmonic Balance Within You and The World in Which We Live

Benefits Of Herbal Oils For Hair
Almond Oil
soothes and moisturizes the scalp
Cedarwood Essential Oil
stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth
Chamomile Essential Oil
adds shine and softness to hair, and soothes the scalp
Coconut Oil
softens hair and increases shine
Geranium Essential Oil
strengthens hair
Sandalwood Essential Oil
helps with dry ends, and adds fragrance to the hair

TOP 10 Essential Oils for Skin Damage and Repair

10 Best & Effective Essential Oils for Skin Damage

There are many different cosmetic items and natural remedies that work wonders to give your skin that vibrant and radiant look. This is especially true in the case of women from all around the world. It is correct to say, women are obsessed with perfection thusly look for multiple essential oils for skin damage and other products which can help them enhance their beauty.

Considering this need, here is a list of the best ever essential oils for skin damage which are truly effective.
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The Untold Benefits of Essential Oils for Women

The Hidden Benefits of Essential Oils for Women

Ahhh! The Beauty of Womanhood

Women are extremely conscious of the way they look and feel; their overall health and wellbeing are paramount in their lives. They are constantly searching for the newest products that can help shave off the years of how they look and feel. Luckily! There are many inexpensive home remedies and cosmetic products that do just that; by improving their inner and outer health, giving them a glowing radiance that makes them the envy of even their closest friends.

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Cleopatra’s Secret Beauty Recipe’s

the beauty recipes of Cleopatra

I am happy to share with you the beauty recipes of Cleopatra.

Cleopatra became a legend during her lifetime. In her history she was described as a woman of incredible beauty and charm. Because of the tragic suicide of the Queen, interest in her personality was fuelled by the public; everyone wanted to know of her secretive and often romantic life…
Cleopatra did not want to grow old and did everything to keep her youth as long as possible. In ancient Egypt, very few lived beyond the age of 38 years, but Cleopatra managed to preserve her health, and youthful appearance, and beauty. She was helped by her own health rejuvenating inventions.
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Egyptian History Of Essential Oils

Egyptian History Of Essential Oils

It is notable, that even the ancient Egyptians used essential oils in their daily lives; to preserve and restore their health, and in the practice of maintaining their youthful appearance and beauty.

Slave-dancers would attach incense balls to their hair, which gradually melted, filling the surrounding air with lively, and fragrant aromas.

The inhabitants of ancient Egypt prepared powders, candles, pills, medical preparations, and also ointments and pastes for external use from essential oils derived from plant material and animal substances. Even the ashes of the burnt plants were used. The tradition of using anise, onion, garlic, cumin, coriander, grapes, and watermelons came to us from ancient Egypt.
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The History Of Lemon Oil

lemon tree essential oil

Lemon Oil possibly has the most powerful anti-microbial activity of all the essential oils.

Lemon trees are native to Asia and were used by not only ancient Indians but also Egyptians and Romans to treat infectious diseases. Lemon trees are believed to have been brought to Europe in the Middle Ages around 200 A.D. and eventually made their way from the Middle East to North Africa and eventually, Christopher Columbus introduced them to America.
At this time, due to their antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, English sailors in the Royal Navy also often used them while sailing to protect themselves against the ravages of scurvy and vitamin deficiencies.
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Essential Oils For Beauty And Health You Can Use At Home


For over a century, people have been using essential oils for beauty and health purposes. They have been found to possess numerous health benefits.

Not only do they help with your health, but also rejuvenate your body, leaving you looking young as ever. Not all of the essential oils are used for these two purposes, however. You should know that most of them are used in the manufacture of perfume and related products.

So which essential oils can be used for improving health and beauty?

Essential Oils For Beauty And Health

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