Amazing Benefits Of Herbal Oils For Hair And Skin

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Herbs are one of the richest sources of rare minerals and antioxidants that carry exceptional medicinal properties. Different herbs have different qualities and the best way to derive them is to extract their essence in the form of oils. These oils can be used in combination with other herbal products or base oils to bring the desired results. In this review, we will be discussing the uses of certain herbal oils for hair and skin health. There are different types of essential oils that aid in healing numerous skin and scalp disease.

How to use herbal oils for hair and skin?

Before we delve into the list of herbal oils that can help you in getting a beautiful skin and scalp, we need to be aware of the right techniques for applying or using these oils. Some of the pointers that need to be remembered are listed as follows:

1. Before applying any kind of herbal oil to your skin it is essential to clean the area thoroughly with a mild cleanser or soap. However, if there is an infection or inflammation, clean with lukewarm water.

2. Use herbal oils sold by recognizing pharmacies or authentic online dealers that sell organic products.

3. Do not apply any kind of oils in their concentrated form to your hair or skin. Herbal essential oils for hair and skin should be diluted by adding suitable carrier oils.

4. Although herbs are beneficial, some individuals may have allergic reactions to certain herbal products. So before using any kind of new oil you need to apply it on your forearm and wait for some time to check the reaction if any.

Sweet basil oil

Sweet basil oil has many health benefits and they can be used in various ways. If you are using concentrated basil oil, you can mix it with pure coconut oil to treat skin problems like itching and inflammation. The antibacterial effect of the oil can bring quick results. It is one of the most effective herbal oils that work well on scars and redness caused by insect bites. Oil extracted from holy basil or “Tulsi” is also quite effective in treating bacterial skin ailments.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. The oil is quite useful in treating eczema, acne, and dry scalp. It is also an effective anti-aging medicine. You can mix essential lavender oil with coconut oil or jojoba oil to bring the best results. Regular use of lavender oil for 2 to 3 weeks can make the skin radiant. It is also one of the most effective essential oils for poison ivy.

Rosemary oil for hair

Rosemary is a popular herb used for making medicated oils for hair and skin. The oil is known for its analgesic properties. Besides treating skin infections, the oil can be used for treating dandruff and hair loss.

Neem oil treatments

Neem is one of the most popularly used herbs that have multiple medicinal values. Listed below are some of the amazing benefits of neem oil.

1. The anti-bacterial and antiviral effects of neem oil are considered as a great treatment for hives and inflammation. Neem oil can be combined with coconut oil before application.

2. Herbal lotions made using neem oil can be used for scalp infections.

3. It is effective in healing and reducing the intensity of skin rashes.

4. It is an effective medicine for acne infections and pimples. The oil can be combined with olive oil or coconut oil before application.

5. The strong antiviral properties of neem oil make it an effective treatment for warts. The oil inhibits the growth of papilloma virus that causes warts.

Peppermint oil

While discussing essential oils you cannot ignore the role of peppermint oil. The oil can be used in combination with other natural oils for treating various skin diseases. It can be mixed with other herbal and essential oils for excessive sweating. Skin care creams and lotions made using peppermint oil can help in preventing dryness and acne. And it  is also an effective remedy for chapped lips.

Aloe vera oil

Aloe vera is a great herb used for treating different types of skin and hair problems. It is an active ingredient used in most of the herbal lotions and oils for hair and skin. It can be used in various forms for treating common scalp problems. Aloe vera oil is also one of the most effective essential oils for sunburn and inflammation.

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