Health Benefits Of Cinnamon Essential Oil


The War On Super-Bugs.  Cinnamon Essential Oil

As time goes by, certain strains of super-bugs have gotten stronger, and traditional methods of disinfection simply do not work anymore due to the fact that the bacteria has mutated and adapted to its new environment of artificial chemistry.
Scientists are working around the clock to find solutions to this dilemma, and are realizing that they are fighting a loosing battle.
That is! Until they began researching the benefits of natural products like essential oils, Cinnamon Essential Oil! Here they have uncovered the ancient knowledge, lost through time, of the super-powers many natural essential oils contain within their cellular components that have a promising effect against microbial-disease causing bacterial infections.
There is a renewed effort on the part of science, focusing on the effects that natural essential oils have on bacteria and microbial pathogens, in their determination to regain control of the problem of bacterial development and mutation. These natural products are offering a solution to the dilemma.
For the study published in Microbiology, Dr. Sanjida Halim Topa, PhD, tested different concentrations of cinnamaldehyde; the component of cinnamon that gives it its flavor, on biofilms of the disease-causing bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa that’s responsible for everything from skin rashes and ear infections to pneumonia and blood infections. Cinnamon oil did wonders for stopping the development of the bacteria in its tracks, disrupting its formation by nearly 76 percent.
Biofilm are a sticky group of bacterial microorganisms that bond themselves to surfaces, and can cause very serious infectious diseases; they are notoriously difficult to treat using traditional antibiotics.

The Wonders Of Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon Essential Oil offers a very serious natural defense against super-bugs, but its potency means that you should use caution when using it. Essential Oils are highly concentrated natural products produced by the plants themselves, but the distillation process creates a high level of concentration, which means that dilution is required.
Some oils are so potent that direct contact with skin could cause a burning sensation, and in some cases a rash could occur.
All professional aroma-therapists, naturopathic doctors, and health-practitioners highly recommend the usage of a carrier oil in the safe dilution of the essential oil product, thereby reaping the full benefit of its constituents without the worry of side effects.
Humans have a long history of using natural products to the treatment and prevention of infections, and many people today are re-discovering the effectual benefits that the many oils have in safeguarding their homes from the problems caused by those diseases and infections.
The best ratio for the effective use of Cinnamon Essential Oil is to put 1 drop of oil to 1 oz. of carrier oil; now it can be applied safely to your skin as a topical ointment.
Another solution is to blend the oil with other soothing oils such as Lavender Oil, Patchouli Oil, Geranium Oil, and Ylang-Ylang, which are soft and delicate oils that can soothe the skin with application. But it is still recommended that this blend be added to a Carrier Oil such as Coconut Oil, which has a nourishing and healing effect on skin.
Now you can safely attack bacterial infections, all while soothing and nourishing the skin: a truly added health benefit.

Cinnamon Oil As A Surface Disinfectant

For use as a surface cleanser and disinfectant add two drops of cinnamon essential oil to a 2 oz. spray bottle. Now you can safely and effectively spray surfaces of your home or office killing microbial bacteria were they live, all the while leaving a fresh natural scent in the air you breath, that is not harmful to your health such as chemical cleansers and disinfectants are.

Can Cinnamon Oil Be Ingested?

Although cinnamon has been used throughout the ages as a food enhancer and cooking spice, it is important to note that it comes highly diluted by nature itself. Its flavor can add zest to many culinary dishes, and is of course very safe for your body through ingestion.
But! Essentials Are very concentrated! And should never be consumed as food, as the oils could burn the inner-lining of your digestive tract.
Seek the advise of a professional health practitioner if and when you would like to use pure raw natural cinnamon essential oil as a digestive aid.

Cinnamon Oil In Aroma-Therapy

Yes! Cinnamon Oil makes a great oil for Breath-Therapy!
Breathing in the vapor created by an infuser helps clean not only the air in the room, it acts as a decongestant and cleanser of your lungs, allowing the healing benefits to permeate your inner physiological structure of your body.
Helping to fight body infections, colds and flu’s…
1 to 2 drops in your diffuser full of water is sufficient to fill the room with the scintillating scent of cinnamon…


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