6 Best Essential Oils For Head Lice And Tick Removal

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Perfect Essential Oils for Head Lice and Tick Removal

There are natural treatments and homemade remedies that work well for minor health issues, many of which do not need a doctor’s attention. Receiving professional help for specific health matters is extremely important, but there are problematic issues that can be handled with natural treatments like essential oils for head lice and tick removal. Issues like the common cold, minor hair loss, pimples, acne, and head lice can be treated by natural remedies just as well as by a doctor’s prescription.

Often times, using artificial chemicals on the body, even for external purposes, or for curing some external body issue, has a very negative effect on the skin. Curing anything with chemicals comes with side-effects. Using natural methods to cure skin problems is the best way for a ‘side-effect-free’ face and body. Head lice infections are a common occurrence in children especially girls and women. It can happen to anybody, but is more common in females as they tend to have longer and thicker hair.

Head lice are a type of parasite that lives on the scalp of the humans, surviving for up to 30 days on small amounts of blood obtained from the host they are feeding upon. This is something that also happens to the animals with thick fur; the lice attach themselves to the hair follicles and feed on their blood.

Lice and ticks are responsible for spreading diseases; their removal is extremely important as they lay eggs and reproduce at a fast rate.

Essential Oils For Head Lice And Tick Removal-

Head lice can be removed by using essentials oils on the scalp. These oils do not kill the lice, they are not insecticides. Oils, in general, have a slippery nature. They immobilize the lice and makes reproduction and moving difficult for them. Moreover, the oil sticks to the scalp and makes it tough for the lice to suck the blood out.

Some of the best essential oils for head lice removal are as follows-
~Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca)
~Lavender Oil
~Rosemary Oil
~Clove Oil
~Eucalyptus Oil
~Cinnamon Oil
Adding to these 6 essential oils for head lice and tick removal!
There are a few other essential oils, which can be used such as:
~Thyme Oil
~Peppermint Oil
~Oregano Oil
~Ylang Ylang Oil.

Besides these essential oils, there are some other methods used for head lice removal. The most common one includes Coconut Oil-

Coconut Oil

Though coconut oil is not an actual essential oil, it is called a carrier oil but it is the most commonly used oil for head lice removal. Coconut oil is one of the most versatile oils. It is good for the skin, for removing scars, for cooking, etc. When the scalp is wetted with Coconut Oil, it becomes easier to comb out the lice. Thyme, Garlic, Neem Extract, Oregano, Onion, Apple Cider Vinegar; any of these out can be blended with the Coconut Oil for removing head lice as they are a natural repellent.

Using essential oils for tick removal is quite tricky. Only the affected area has to be soaked with the oil so that the tick suffocates. Peppermint oil is the best option for doing this. The time needed to suffocate the tick depends on the size of the tick. The larger it is, the more time it’ll take to suffocate. By using a pair of tweezers, the tick should be carefully removed. If any part of the tick is left on the victim, it might cause unwanted infections.
A ‘Nit’ comb is also another good option to use for head lice and tick removal. Nit combs have fine bristles, which drag out the lice from the scalp.
There are certain measures, which need to be taken so that the lice and ticks do not return.
-After each treatment, check the hair and comb with the nit comb every 2-3 days to decrease the risk of re-infestation.
-See a trained medical professional for proper diagnosis and treatment of head lice if they persist and/or if any concerns arise.
-Do not use hats, grooming aids, and towels that come in contact with the hair of an infected person.
-The combs, soap bars, and towels should be separate and never be shared even in a family.
The bottom line!
Remember! Home remedies and natural techniques for such issues should not be ignored. Many minor things can be resolved easily using essential oil treatments, including for head lice and tick removal, and by using a special of comb designed especially for lice removal is what it takes to eliminate the problem without spending a lot of money.

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