Essential Oils Are The Foundation of Aromatherapy


Essential Oil Therapy, also known as Aromatherapy is the discipline of using natural aromatic and fragrant essential oils collected from flowers, fruits, stems, leaves, bark, and roots for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. Plant based essential oils and extracts are used in this form of therapy for the purpose of bringing balance, harmony, and health to the mind, body, and spirit of mankind.

Aromatherapy provides immediate positive impact on a participant when they partake of this form of therapy. The fast reaction time is due to the volatility of the oils themselves! The molecular structure of pure essential oil is extremely small, down to the micron level. When diffused into the air, it is easily absorbed through the nasal cavity and lungs bringing the full impact of their healing properties into the human physiology.
It combines physiological, psychological, and spiritual processes to augment an individual’s natural biological healing properties, encouraging our immune systems to operate at their fullest potential. By stimulating our blood circulation through the expansion of our blood vessels, we speed up the process of reducing inflammation in the body. By revitalizing our brain activity, essential oils reduce stress and tension; bring a calming effect to our soul; peace and calm to our mind.
Many Essential Oils contain vitamins, beneficial hormones, antibiotics, and contain antiseptic properties; all, which bring added benefits to our bodies in the preservation and healing processes.

Aromatherapy is a recognized healing modality used for thousands of years across the globe. But with modern research and development, the scientific and medical communities are unlocking the secrets of the healing powers of the great gift of our mother earth to modern mankind.
There are hundreds of different essential oil products and blends available to the educated consumer; choosing the correct oil for you is as easy as understanding the needs of your individual body.
It is highly recommended that you incorporate the guidance of a licensed and trained aroma therapist into your therapy, so that you could achieve the highest benefit from your treatment procedures.

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