Rosemary Essential Oil


A vibrant, invigorating, and strengthening essential oil. Well researched health benefits have been used in many medicinal preparations.

Health Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil

o Makes hair grow longer and stronger
o Tones the skin, prevents acne, and removes dryness
o Stimulates blood circulation and relieves pain

Hair Tonic:

20-30 drops of rosemary oil into a cup of water and then rub the mixture onto your scalp. Result: slow graying, stop dandruff, increase growth,

o Remedy for stress and depression
o Boosts immune system and removes bad breath
o Effective in reducing symptoms of the Herpes virus infection
o Relieves constipation and bloating

Rosemary essential oil is good for cognition, which is why it is used in aromatherapy. Rosemary oil can help improve your mood and memory, as well as lower stress. It is also a physical medicine, by strengthening the immune system and helping eliminate inflammation and headaches.

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