Essential Oils For Allergy: What You Ought To Understand

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Essential Oils For Allergy

If you are an allergy sufferers then you understand how miserable an allergy attack can be. You can spend weeks feeling like you have flu and it’s advisable to seek a fast yet efficient remedy.

Individuals who suffer from allergy are required to avoid triggers, but since their immune system is impaired by environmental and food industry toxins and with the ever-changing seasons, this is nearly impossible.

The good thing is that there are powerful essential oils for allergies that act as a safe and natural way to boost your immune system and treat allergy symptoms.

Essential Oils For Allergies Relief

Allergic reactions start from the immune system. Usually, an allergen tricks the immune system to think that an allergen is an intruder. It then reacts to the allergen by producing immunoglobulin antibodies which then travels throughout the body releasing histamine and other chemicals, and this causes allergic reactions. Some of the common allergic reactions include pollen, dust, mold, food, medication as well as latex and they trigger symptoms on the skin, the lining of the stomach, sinuses, ears, and lungs.

One of the leading causes of allergies is due to inflammation. If there is a balance between inflammation and the immune system, then there will be a normal allergen reaction. The only concern is that these days such responses are exaggerated and might lead to unexpected outcomes. One of the key benefits of essential oils is the ability to boost the immune system and fight inflammation. Essential oils for allergies relief helps in detoxification as well as fighting harmful toxins, microorganism, parasites, bacteria, and infection.

What Essential Oils Are Good For Allergies?

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a relaxant, expectorant and also has antispasmodic properties. If you inhale the oil, it reduces coughing, relieves sore throat pain and helps clear your sinuses. You can add a few drops of the oil on your tea to help relieve your symptoms, or you can place a few drops into an aromatherapy diffuser.

Basil Oil

Basil oil supports the adrenal glands which are responsible for producing hormones that help in the reduction of allergens inflammatory response. Essential oil helps the body react appropriately to an allergic reaction by rushing blood to the muscles, heart, and brain. It also helps in detoxifying the body of viruses and bacteria while at the same time-fighting fatigue, pain, and inflammation.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a natural antihistamine and powerful anti-inflammatory. Therefore, it reduces the painful symptoms of allergies and strengthens the body against allergens. Also, it helps in treating hives and rashes that appear as a result of skin allergies.

Allergic Reaction To Essential Oils

Essential oils are proven to be effective in healing allergic reaction, but many myths are surrounding the substance as well. Just like most natural substances they can cause an anaphylactic shock when ingested and skin reaction when applied topically. It’s therefore crucial that you use them diligently and one of the ways achieve is by sticking to the dosage. When some essential oils are used in high concentration or wrong dosages they can lead to harmful changes in the body including tumor development.

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