15 Most Effective Essential Oils for the Common Cold

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Top 15 Effective Essential Oils For Cold

There is nothing worse than suffering from both a bad cough and a stuffy nose at the same time. Not only does it clog the respiratory system, in most cases it ends up turning into high a temperature. The medical shops and clinics however, are always open to provide you with useful medicines and the right medicinal prescription respectively but it is always advisable to stick to the natural treatments. As a result, there is an upsurging demand for essential oils for cold and cough treatments; as well as for many minor, and yet major health problems.

What are the different types of essential oils for the common cold available in the market?
There are chances that you might need to pay a little more for natural organic essential oils than for synthetic medicines but it is always worth buying something pure, wholesome, and natural to soothe away your health problems.
So, here is a list of the best 15 essential oils for cold and cough treatments-

1. Rosemary essential oil- Essential oils and fever go hand in hand. And rosemary essential oil is enough to support this concept. If your breathing issues have turned out to be high body temperature, rosemary oil is the best cure for it.

2. Basil essential oil–    Not just basil essential oil  itself, but basil leaves are also considered to be a good remedy for breath cleansing and freshening. The basil leaves can be chewed directly and are loaded with a number of healthy goodness and so is basil essential oil.

3. Hyssop essential oil– This oil is specifically the best essential oil for respiratory infections and chest relief. It helps in eradicating the high amount of mucus from the nostrils as well as chest.

4. Cypress essential oil- This oil is best to demolish the phlegm buildup in the chest and nostril passage which ultimately results in heavy breathing issues. It’s also considered perfect for bruises and stubborn marks on the body.

5. Clove essential oil- Acknowledged as the best oil to relieve a sore throat and nostril infections; it can give you positive results in only a few days.

6. Juniper berry essential oil– Comes with a sweet smell, this oil is commonly used for respiratory infections and breathing problems.

7. Thyme essential oil– One of the perfect antioxidant, which comes with antibiotic properties to heal chest pain which often occurs due to a heavy cough.

8. Eucalyptus essential oil– The biggest problem of sinus or cold is to get rid of heavy mucus, which is quite easy and effective with this oil.

9. Oregano essential oil It contains the anti-viral properties which ultimately makes it the best source of killing infectious germs.

10. Tea tree essential oil– This oil is not just perfect for your hair or skin but also to kill the bacteria that builds up inside your nose causing a cough and viral cold in your nasal cavity.

11. Thieves essential oil– A perfect blend of lemon, cinnamon bark, rosemary and clove, thieves essential oil is enough to fight a cough or cold. Simply apply this mixture directly to your gums for immediate anti-microbial relief

12. Peppermint essential oil– its antimicrobial properties make it the best solution for a cough, sinus, cold and other breathing problems.

13. Lavender essential oil– It helps in clearing the sticky mucus which eventually results in heavy breathing and clogged nostrils.

14. Frankincense essential oil– Considered as one of the best and powerful oils, it has some anti-inflammatory qualities which help in improving the respiratory system.

15. Lemon essential oil– Made from lemon extracts, this essential oil can boost the immunity level and gives the strength to fight back a cough and cold.

Reading up on this list of essential oils for a sore throat won’t be enough unless you know how to intake them. Here are some different methods to use.
1. Blend these essential oils together and then apply on nose, head, and chest.
2. Infuse a few of them in your morning and evening tea.
3. Put a few drops of essential oils in your bathtub and get rid of breathing difficulties.
4. Put a mixture of these essential oils in your diffuser and breath the mist directly into your lungs.
5. Blend a few drops of water with the essential oils for congestion relief.

The concluding message-
This article unravels the major uses of essential oils for the common cold and puts some light on the different methods of using essential oils to relieve minor health problems which can turn out to be a major one if left untreated.
We hope you find this information useful!

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