Aromatherapy Essential Oils – Everything You Need to Know

essential oils for aromatherapy

In this fast-paced world today, sometimes, all you need is a good rest accompanied by aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses aromatherapy essential oils extracted from aromatic plants, to treat a patient and improve overall wellness.

What are the benefits of aromatherapy essential oils?

Being a form of ancient alternative medicine, aromatherapy has already gone through a lot of clinical trials to prove its medicinal benefits to one’s health. Claiming to cure diseases such as cancer by improving circulation, there can be a lot of benefits that can be attributed to aromatherapy and the use of aromatherapy essential oils itself.

  • BOOSTS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM – One of the biggest internal effects of aromatherapy is to improve the overall health and wellness of the body and improve the circulation of blood in order to keep the nutrients flowing
  • RELIEF OF MUSCLE PAIN – Since aromatic oils are applied through massage, one of its health benefits is the relief from muscle pain.
  • ORGANIC THERAPY – If you have sensitive skin, then you need not worry about the effects of these certified organic oils to your body. Aromatherapy is all-natural and you will surely reap the benefits of it.

An essential oils aromatherapy guide

There are numerous essential oils to use out there but here are some of the most high-quality and proven ones to try out:

  • LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL – Known as one of the most fragrant oils out there, lavender also has its own reputation as one of the most versatile aromatic oils today.
  • YUZU/ LEMON OIL – The scent of citrus is highly regarded in the field of aromatherapy as a smell that could trigger better heart rate and when it comes to citrus, nothing could ever beat lemon or yuzu.
  • CLARY SAGE OIL – Another one of the more known essential oils, clary sage oil has antifungal properties to go with its reputation as an antioxidant, and antimicrobial agent.

The right essential oils for relaxation and stress

The biggest benefit of essential oils is perhaps its ability to relieve people from stress to attain a state of relaxation. By appealing to the sense of smell and through many more ways, these essential oils are the most powerful ones to use for relaxation and stress:

  • JASMINE ESSENTIAL OIL – Jasmine is well-known as a tea agent and its relaxing effects as a drink also apply when it comes to the flower’s essential oil counterpart.
  • YLANG-YLANG ESSENTIAL OIL – Although not as well-known as its lavender counterpart, ylang-ylang oil coming from the plant of the same name claims to be antiseptic, antiseborrheic, and overall good for the skin.
  • ROSE ESSENTIAL OIL – Strong but calming, these are the traits which the rose essential oil is known for and when applied warm, the oil is in its best state to trigger relaxation.

How to use essential oils for aromatherapy

There are numerous ways to use essential oils and reap its benefits. Proving their versatility, essential oils can simply be smelled in order to do their positive damage. You may also choose to add drops of oil to your warm bath or your hot compress in order to achieve the relaxation they promise. Applying them directly to your skin is not a bad idea also.


Whether you’re one to pay attention to therapeutic grade or not, the benefits of essential oil are simply undeniable. Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that you can choose to get into if you want to relax yourself, reduce stress, relief you muscle pain and more. There are many essential oils you can try out there but the most important thing when undergoing aromatherapy is to psychologically prepare yourself to truly internalize their benefits.

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