What is the best essential oil for massage?

Essential oils for sensual massage

Have you ever found yourself fixated on the activities of the day to day life that you feel like they are draining the life out of your tired body? Are you familiar with the stress that can bring you to your knees, followed by so much pressure that you feel like going crazy?

Are you trying to get away from all the burdens of life and get some peace? There are many things that you can do, but the surest and most proficient would be one hell of a massage.

Of Couse you don’t just start getting a massage with bare hands, there are essential oils for the massage that must be blended on your skin to incorporate the physical skin and emotional remunerations of a great massage. 

Essential oils for sensual massage

All of us want to have the most romantic life, making sure that we share the most aphrodisiac moments with our partners. Essential oils for sensual massage can go a long way in making that passionate getaway to be worth the while. Scent and touch are very crucial in intimacy, so sensual oil drops need to have a very romantic fragrance.

When it comes to sensual massage, rose essential oil is at the top of the list in terms of romance, it is the oil of love. The rose can save a dying marriage when used in sensual massage, it sparks what had been lost for years and gives an experience of a lifetime. Rose reduces stress, increases confidence, boost semen production and is also known to reduce nervous tension.

Clary sage has also been identified to produce some remarkable aphrodisiac qualities not mentioning the great feeling of wellbeing that the sensual oil massage generates. Cedarwood essential oil can also be used in sensual massage. It has a fantastic scent.

Essential oil blends for massage

When it comes to blending oils, we blend with an objective in mind. For instance, when we want to make a love portion massage oil, we mix eight drops of sand wool essential oil with three drops of jasmine essential oil and two drops of vanilla essential oil, this blend will give you a very sensual massage experience. In a head zone massage, we can blend six drops of peppermint essential oil and four drops of rosemary essential oil. It will definitely do wonders in reducing the tension.

How to make massage oil from the essential oil.

Just like blending, making of massage oils should have an objective. Making of massage oils should be very personal because different people are allergic to different aromas. So before mixing the essential oils, smell every single one of them. Don’t blend any essential oils for massage before smelling on every single one. For instance, you can mix cinnamon, sweet orange, cardamom, and coriander essential oils only after smelling first.

Best essential oils for massage.

Essential oils have been critical in aromatherapy and reduction of anxiety while being used in massage. The uses of essential oils in massage are endless, here is a list of the best essential oils for massage.

  • Lavender essential oil. This oil is quite useful for pain relief when used in massage.
  • Frankincense essential oil, it is useful for relaxation when used in a massage session. It also has a great smell.
  • Ylang ylang essential oil, this is an aphrodisiac, it’s fantastic for sensual massage.


To sum it all up, it is evident and clear that essential oils are very critical to massage therapy and aromatherapy. Getting a massage using the right essential oils can do wonders to an individual experiencing various difficulties in life.

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